Feel free to see what our lovely ladies are up to!

Business Owners, entrepreneur, Bartenders, Doctors, Lawyers and Indian Chiefs!

Kiki Bravermen/Owner/ http://www.purspirits.com/home.html

Victoria D’Amato-Moran /Owner/ Pizans Italian Seafood Room & Cent’Anni Cocktails http://centannicocktails.net/

Allison Evinow/Owner/http://squareoneorganicspirits.com/

Jesssica Maria/Owner/http://hotsytotsyclub.com/

Sierra Zimei/Sales Rep/ www.youngsmarket.com

Kelly Puleio/Owner and our awesome Photographer/http://www.kellypuleio.com/

Meryll Cawn National Brand Ambassador ORO Pisco/ClearGrape/www.cleargrapellc.com

Amy Jenkins/ www.cozyrampage.com

Katarina Maloney/PR Manager/  www.kobrandwineandspirits.com

Pipi Ray Diamond/  http://presidiosocialclub.com/

Summer-Jane Bell/ Partner/Bartender/ www.easy510.com


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