LUPEC spotlights the women behind the stick and the cocktails — Each are defining their own style and not forgetting to have a little fun along the way.
In honor of SF Cocktail Week, LUPEC is showcasing the Bay Area’s top female bar talent, each presenting a signature cocktail created with the innovative, high quality spirits and ingredients created or represented by fellow LUPEC members. All cocktail ingredients are masterminded, owned, distilled or created by women.
Hosted by SF LUPEC’s line up of bartenders.

The line up is:

Diana Lynn,Meryll Cawn,  Vita Simone, Maria Hunt, Victoria George, Marguerite Regan, Priscilla Young, Christina Cabrera, Jennifer Seidman, Erika Frey, Lucia Creed Gonzales

Rye Bar

688 Geary, San Francisco, California 94102

Sunday August 19th, 2012

Pizans Italian Seafood Room

& Angel’s Envy Bourbon


LUPEC San Francisco to the

Southern Belle Sunday Supper ~


Boulevardier Cocktail

Angel’s Envy Bourbon, Campari, Sweet Vermouth, Orange Bitters



Fresh Cod Ceviche followed by, Organic mixed green salad, 

vegetables, herbs, pine nuts, raspberry, balsamic vinaigrette

Raymonds fresh baked sourdough bread

Paired with : Tilted Halo Cocktail/Angel’s Envy Bourbon,

Spiced Strawberry and Blackberry Shrub, Soda



Uncle Leslie’s house made Sausage  Spicy Penne Pasta Saute’


Paired with : Southern Belle Cocktail/ Angel’s Envy, Cent’Anni                                                                  Cocktails Lemon Spice Syrup, Unfiltered Apple Juice, Peach Tea



Chocolate Mousse with Nana’s Biscotti


Ladies whiskey tasting and cocktail hour at ACME Bar tomorrow!!!! Come to Berkeley and taste some whiskies only for the ladies! Please reserve your FREE tickets on our eventbrite evite!


Ladies Who Lunch with Port Cocktails

Sunday, 12:00 Noon until 2:00 pm
Bar Agricole
355 11th St. between Folsom and Harrison, San Francisco
Also on Sunday:
The Wake of “GOOD-TIMES” Jessica Maria
3:00pm until 5:00pm
 Join us, Rye Bar, Infinium Spirits, Encanto, Oro and Macchu Pisco as we celebrate the memory of “Good-time” Jessica.
  The Wake of “Good-Time” Jessica – let’s drink… because she can’t.
Sunday, April 22nd 3pm-5pm at Rye Bar. Dress in your finest blacks to remember the good times, lift a glass or three to how Jessica Maria use to be!
But what’s a bartender event without a little competition? And this my friends is a competition to end all competitions. Money gets spent, certificates get wet, the notoriety fades- but getting to name the baby! Another living soul, that lasts a lifetime. Having entered this world in a beautiful haze of pisco we thought, why not name the baby under that same haze?
We invite you along with Macchu Pisco, Encanto and Oro pisco to join us to compete in the baby shower cocktail competition!

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